Membership of the Society is available year round to any interested parties.

As an individual member of the Society,  you will receive regular updates and communication via ‘The Brassie‘, email and website, have the chance to meet and share views and interests with like-minded individuals, and be afforded the opportunity to play in all Society playing events, including the Dan Cullen Trophy, the interstate Al Howard Memorial Trophy, the Bobby Locke Trophy,  and the annual Australian Hickory Shaft Championship, which incorporates the President’s Putter. There is no joining fee, just a very reasonable annual subscription.

If they so choose, individuals members may also volunteer their time and efforts in support of Society initiatives. These include Golf Club ‘hickory’ days, scheduled and unscheduled AGHS Museum Open Days, and heritage representation at state and national open events.

Submit an enquiry now for membership. You will be added immediately to our Newsletter list and we will be in touch shortly regarding membership details.