Bobby Locke Trophy

Held – Tuesday 25 August at Cabramatta Golf Club

Again, like at Rosnay in July, the weather outlook was not good for the day, but the Hickory Golf weather God smiled on our group and the day stayed fine albeit windy. The field comprised 11 players intent on staking their position in the field of eight for the match play to follow the qualifying round and most of us found the layout challenging with the hickories playing off the white markers.

The field included Andrew Wilson who was escaping the rain down south at Kiama and Neville Rider who subsequently joined the AGHS as a member post the game, welcome Neville and we hope to see your smiling face at many more games.

Because of the recent rain many bunkers had considerable casual water lying in them, it was determined bunkers be regarded as GUR and the local rule on the day was 30cm preferred lie on the fairways.

That said, no player was able to record a nine with a score on each hole, perhaps indicative of the conditions encountered on the day.

The clubhouse leader was established from the first group home & he was never headed. The scores on the day ranged from 24 down to 12 in total with a number of players having considerable difference on their score card on each nine some varied by as much as 6 points.

As the tallying of the scores progressed 3 players indicated they were not wishing to participate in the subsequent match play rounds, so the field was effectively reduced to 8 in the event.

The players who qualified were in descending order of scores :-

Tom Moore, David Brydson, Des Froneman, Curley Keane, Andrew Wilson, Dennis Sundin, Ross Howard and Arthur Penton. So now the match play starts off handicap with 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6 & 4 v 5.

Round 1 round 2 final
Tom Moore – 1
Arthur Penton – 8
David Brydson – 2
Ross Howard – 7
Des Froneman – 3
Dennis Sundin – 6
Curley Keane – 4
Andrew Wilson – 5