2015 Australian Hickory Shaft Championship – Tee Times

As at 21:30 24 September 2015, the FINAL tee times for the competitors in the 2015 Australian Hickory Shaft Championship were as follows:

Time Player Player Player Player
12:00 J. Pickrell A. Pickrell B. Leithhead M. Pickrell
12:10 B. Meares P. Gladwin G. Martin
12:20 S. Maurice S. Byrnes T. Kelly M. Pullen
12:30 T. Doggett L. Wilson D. Watt R. Downie
12:40 R. Haslam J. Glenday S. Fletcher R. Clark
12:50 D. Froneman T. Moore A. Grieve W. Smith
1:00 P. Baird L. Kavanagh M. Sheret  B. Pase
1:10 D. Brydson D. Sundin N. Rider  A. Wilson
1:20 S. Doorey R. Howard J. Fletcher  B. Keane

Hopefully, these will be the final times. We would asked that you respect the tee times as posted, and report to the starter at least 30 minutes prior.

See you all Friday.