RAHS Lecture and Seminar Podcasts

The Royal Australian Historical Society has an established tradition of conducting history lectures, workshops and seminars including its popular Day Lecture series held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Since June 2012, RAHS Digital Media Officer Graham Sciberras has been recording these events in an effort to make them available in to a wider audience. The Society would like to thank the speakers for allowing these lectures to be podcasted.

2014 Day Lecture Series

Michael Sheret & Norman Richardson – Golfing Puzzles 1839 Sydney Town

The diaries of Alexander Brodie Spark provide the first reliable evidence of golf played in Australia. On 25 May 1839 golf commenced at Grose Farm and on 1 June 1839 the NSW Golf Club was instituted. Three puzzles have surrounded the 1839 golfers. What triggered them to start golf? Why did the NSW Golf Club have such a short life? How was the 1839 club connected to the Royal Blackheath Golf Club, London? Join Michael Sheret, who has researched and published in golf history, and Norman Richardson who will unravel the puzzles at this RAHS Day lecture.