Tempe House Display – 11th-12th April

The Mayor of Rockdale – Shane O’Brien (left), is on hand to open Australian Heritage Week at Tempe House. AGHS member, Dr Michael Sheret (right) shares the A. B. Spark story of golf’s beginning in Australia

AGHS has donated material for the permanent exhibition in the Tempe House Interpretation Museum Room. The material outlines the important part played by Alexander Brodie Spark in the earliest known golf played in Australia in 1839. There was an unveiling ceremony on the Friday night. Putting on the lawn with replica featheries and authentic putters of the time was enjoyed by many visitors. Tempe House was open to the public during this weekend as part of Australian Heritage Week – 11 to 19 April, 2015.

Donation of permanent addition to the Friends of Tempe House. Dr Bob Spark (left; great-great grandson of Alexander Brodie Spark) and Ross Berry (centre; Tempe House Historian) receives the donation from Dr Michael Sheret.

Several hundred people have passed by Tempe House and were rewarded by learning about Alexander Brodie Spark and his interest in Golf.

Dr Bob Spark putts a featherie on the lawn in front of Tempe House with a putter not far removed from the one his great-great grandfather used in 1839. The ‘Captain General of Royal Blackheath Golf Club’ looks on.