Current Research Directions

Recent research published by AGHS members: A Famous Rules Incident in 1907. A full copy of the article can be obtained by contacting the History Sub-Committee via the About menu. The article gathers primary source evidence to describe and discuss in depth a bitter controversy at the Australian Open.

Research underway by AGHS members includes an in depth study of the Lakes Open. This tournament was run and financed by The Lakes Golf Club. It was played over four rounds from 1934 to 1974 and was one of the most important tournaments on the Australian golf calendar with a very large prize pool for its time.

In 1951 the Australian Open at the Metropolitan Golf Club in Melbourne was won by Peter Thomson by four strokes over Norman von Nida.

Question #1. How many Opens (British) did Peter Thomson win?

Question #2. How many Opens (British) did Norman von Nida win?

Question #3. At the Australian Open in 1951 what was the area of the 18th putting green at Metropolitan?

Answers soon on the website and the next issue of The Brassie.