Society Library

The Australian Golf Heritage Society has an extensive library which covers diverse aspects of golf: [OK – Take me to the listing]

  • the history of the game,
  • the history of individual clubs, particularly those in Australia,
  • the development of equipment,
  • biographical details of the great players of the past,
  • past tournaments,
  • instruction from the greats of the game,
  • local and overseas golf magazines,
  • some audio media,
  • some visual media

The AGHS library is a shared resource, and we are willing to make it available to members, member clubs, and anyone interested in researching any facets of the history of the game (nominal fees may apply for non-members).

The books, magazines and other publications can be made available with prior arrangement at the Society’s Museum, which is located at 4 Parramatta Rd, Granville. Museum hours – generally – are 10:00am to 4:00pm Sundays. Appointments can be made outside of these times, according to the availability of a volunteer.

We also have members who specialise in the collection of written material regarding golf. If the Society does no hold the particular publication you seek, we can put the feelers out to our members for the information you are after.