How we respond to our aims

1. History

To encourage the collection, recording and preservation of information Historians Group – The Historians Group holds seminars of interest to golf historians. It also provides advice and assistance to members setting out to collect, research and write about the history of their golf club.

A letter of support and ongoing financial assistance from NSW Golf Association is vital to our commitment of this aim.

To assist in this aim, we make available for download ‘Writing A Golf Club History‘, a cooperative effort by Barry Leithhead of the Australian Golf Heritage Society and John Pearson of the British Golf Collectors Society. Club members taking on the task of writing a club history and then having it published often don’t realise the size of the task they are taking on, or the difficult issues that will come their way. This document and it’s companion – ‘Publishing a Golf Club History‘ – give advice on various strategies for setting about the task, and then seeing it through to publication and distribution despite the many problems that inevitably arise.

2. Museum

GolfMartTo verify the authenticity, restore, store and display physical items, the Golf Museum is proudly sponsored by Golf Mart and supported by Golf NSW, the PGA of Australia and Museums & Galleries New South Wales. Premises for the Golf Museum are provided through the generosity of Mr Denis Brosnan.

The museum has a very diverse and interesting collection of golfing artifacts going back to the early days of golf in Australia in the second half of the nineteenth century.  The Museum can also give advice on collecting, preserving and restoring old or antique golf clubs and other golfing artifacts.

BrassieLogo3. Inform

To inform golfers, golf clubs and the wider community, AGHS publishes a newsletter, ‘The Brassie‘, three times a year. As well as keeping members of the Society up-to-date on what’s happening in the Society, members publish articles in ‘The Brassie‘ on the historical aspects of golf. Click on the logo for a link to all available issues.

4. Promote

To promote the celebration of the origins of the game, AGHS organises golf days at various courses throughout the year, where members can set themselves the challenge of playing with hickory shafted clubs. All events are played off handicap.

The main event of the year is the Australian Hickory Shaft Championship, eighteen holes of individual stroke play for both ladies and gentlemen, with separate handicap events in conjunction. The Society can advise members on how to go about acquiring a set of hickory golf clubs.