Museum Roster

The Museum roster for the remainder of the first half of 2015 is laid out below. Anyone on the roster who wants to change their allotted day/s should initially attempt to swap days with another volunteer. Failing that, please contact Steve Doorey direct via the ‘Contacts‘ page.

Date Volunteer
15/03/2015 Norm Richardson
22/03/2015 Jim Glenday
29/03/2015 Tony Doggett
5/04/2015 Easter Sunday – Closed
12/04/2015 John Lock
19/04/2015 Jim Glenday
26/04/2015 Tony Doggett
3/05/2015 Steve Doorey
10/05/2015 Tony Doggett
17/05/2015 Bruno Pase
24/05/2015 John Buckley
31/05/2015 Tony Doggett
7/06/2015 Steve Doorey
14/06/2015 John Lock
21/06/2015 Tony Doggett
28/06/2015 John Buckley

Any members who have not yet spent time at the Museum but would like to, please also contact Steve direct. We’d be more than happy to walk you through the daily procedure, and brief you on the Museum duties that you may be expected to fulfil.