Archives (2002-2005)

BrassieLogo December 2005: The Australian Hickory Championship 2005; AGM & Financial Report; Golf Collectors at the big tournaments; Golf Club Historians seminar; Writing Manly Golf Club’s story; Banjo Paterson The Golfer.
BrassieLogo October 2005: The Al Howard Trophy; 14th Australian Hickory Club Championship; Writing a Golf Club History Seminar; Notice of 2005 Annual General Meeting
BrassieLogo September 2005: Captain’s Corner; Peter Corsar Anderson – a Developer of Golf in Australia; The Societies Challenge; 2005 Australian Hickory Club Championship; News from The Museum; GCSA at the PGA Trade Show and Centenary Open; A Discussion Paper: The Heritage of Golf.
BrassieLogo June 2005: An Introduction to Hickory; GCH Archiving Seminar; Archiving for Golf Club Historians; Womens Golf NSW – A Major Donor to the Museum; Two Types of Golf Club: Two Types of Historian; Museum News; Gold Association Treasures Now at the Museum; Tony Rafty, GCSA’s Quiet Cartoonist; From The Book Shelf.
BrassieLogo March 2005: Captain’s Corner; Dan Cullen Trophy; Memories of Elanora Golf Club; Alan ‘Stumpy’ Waterson; Around the Traps; Hickory at the Centenary PGA Championship?; Archiving Practices for Golf Club Historians; Developing the Museum; 2005 Activity Plan for Golf Club Historians Special Interest Group.
BrassieLogo November 2004: Captain’s Corner; 14th Australian Hickory Shafted Championship; The Bobby Locke Story: Part 2; Join This Club? You Wish!; Edward Elgar (1857-1934) – A Composed Golfer; Golf Historian’s Seminar on Oral History; Museum Development Plan; Legends of the Turf.
 BrassieLogo May 2004: Captain’s Corner; Hickory at Royal Avalon; Bobby Locke – Australian Open Champion 1955; Golf Club Historian’s Seminar; Vale Alastair Cooke/Bob Jones; The Museum; GCSA Treasurer; PGA Developments; Classified Adverts
 BrassieLogo August 2004: The Golf Club Historians’ Seminar; Captain’s Corner; The Golf Club Historian’s Special Interest Group; Museum Development Program; To the Linksland – A Golfing Odyssey; People, Events and Milestones; J. H. Taylor – a Tribute from Bernard Darwin
 BrassieLogo January 2004: Captain’s Corner; The Dan Cullen Trophy; Thought on Playing With Hickory Clubs, with Dan Cullen Jnr,; Harry’s Collection of Cups Comes Home; Protect Your Valuable Investment; Good Buying at the Museum Shop; Clubs, Balls and Driving Distances
BrassieLogo October 2003: Captain’s Corner; From the Keeper of the Green and Sand; Woolooware Nine ‘n Dine; Book Review -The Greatest Game Ever Played; Replica Clubs – Dilemma or Delight?; Australian Historic Golf Trust and Museum; Golf Collecting and Collectibles
BrassieLogo July 2003: Captain’s Corner; Australian Historic Golf Trust and Museum; Famous Unknown Golfers Who Played With Hickories; Club Restoration and Collection; Feed Popplewell, a Golfing Trailblazer; The PGA Gold and Trade Show; I Met a Professional One Day
BrassieLogo May 2003: The Dan Cullen Trophy; Hickory Events – 2003 Program; Australian Historic Golf Trust and Museum; Famous Unknown Golfers Who Played With Hickories; Club Restoration and Collection; Harry Vardon said . . . . . ; The History of Your Golf Club; I Met a Professional One Day
BrassieLogo February 2003: Hickory Events – 2003 Program; Meet The GCSA Development Team; Historic Golf Trust and Museum; Harry Vardon said . . . . .
BrassieLogo December 2002: Hickory Championships, Cyprus Lakes – 10 years young, The Melbourne Excursion, The Peninsula Extension, Developing The Museum, Developing the GCSA, Dan Cullen Trophy, Replica Golf Clubs, New Year Resolutions.