Heritage Golf Equipment

There comes a time when every hickory golfers need for equipment exceeds the ability of his or her contacts to provide same. The links here offer an alternative – and sometimes expensive – offshore substitute.

Where the content of a site covers one or more categories, we have attempted to categorise it under its main function.
Hickorygolfersnip The Hickory Golfer – Everything related to golfing with hickory shafted golf clubs. Replacement shafts and grips available from here. (U.S.)
MacIntyreGolfCo The McIntyre Golf Company – Makers and retailers of a range of reproduction balls for hickory play – gutties, brambles, meshes and dimples. (U.S.)
Steurer & Jacoby Handcrafted Leather Steurer & Jacoby – Makers of fine handcrafted canvas and leather goods, including leather and canvas duck golf club carriers, leather golf club carriers, leather head covers, and wooden golf club  carrier stands. (U.S.)
Hickory Golf Workshop – site devoted to selling grip leather and tools, pencil golf bags and repair service. Some handy YouTube videos on how to re-grip your clubs and also clubs for sale. (U.S.)
Antique Hickory Golf Clubs Antique Hickory Golf Clubs – for the serious collector and hickory player. (U.K.)
HickoryGolfGrips Hickory Golf Grips – A selection of grips, along with other heritage golf equipment. (U.K.)
WoodShaftGolf Wood Shaft Golf basically a portal to a selling concern, the site also includes some articles and club repair & maintenance videos. (U.S.)