AGHS Museum Collections Manager Vicki Stanton is putting the finishing touches to the Museum’s travelling exhibition display case in readiness for its first trip into the outside world.


The display case has been purpose built to provide a portable and secure base from which we can display selections from the Society’s collection, items specific to a Club’s history, or artifacts tailored to fit an individual Club’s specific needs. Items selected for the initial display include:

  • clubs from the Museum’s collection – a splice head brassie, a smooth face ladies mashie, and early Australian made ‘Exploder’ sand iron, and a novelty ‘tooth’ putter;
  • a Plotkin club carrier;
  • a selection of balls and tees of varying vintage;
  • Tony Gresham’s Vardon Trophy;
  • an early practice club.

It is the intention of the Society to make the display case available to interested clubs in the future, and anyone desiring further information should contact the Museum on 9637-4720.