Aims of AGHS

The aim of the AGHS is to:

  1. Encourage the collection, recording and preservation of information that is connected to the history of golf in Australia,
  2. Verify the authenticity of physical items associated with the history of golf in Australia and provide a means of storing, restoring and displaying these physical items, and
  3. Inform golfers, golf clubs and the wider community of this information and display these physical items in a manner which tells their story.
  4. Promote hickory events as a celebration of the origins of the game.

Our Patrons:

Dan Cullen

Margery McWilliam OAM

The Society has compiled a document repository which contains the constitution, policies and procedures followed by the Management Committee in achieving the Aims of the Society. This repository is currently under review by the Committee and as such, is password protected at this time.