Heritage Golf Societies

The following are links to kindred societies, associations and entities around the world. Particular attention should be paid to the first three – each publishes a periodical worthy of reading, and maintains archives of these periodicals on their website.

Where the content of a site covers one or more categories, we have attempted to categorise it under its main function.

Golf Society of Australia Golf Society of Australia – Researching and preserving the history of golf in Australia.
Golf Collectors Society British Golf Collectors Society – Promoting interest in the traditions and history of golf.
Society of Hickory Golfers Society of Hickory Golfers – dedicated to the enjoyment of play with wooden-shafted golf clubs  in the  U.S..
USGolfCollectorsSociety The U.S. Golf Collectors Society – an international organization dedicated to preserving the treasures and traditions of the game of golf.
britishgolfmuseum British Golf Museum – the world’s premier heritage centre for golf (their words, not mine).
Leith Society The Leith Society – derives its name from “The Leith Code”, the traditional name of the first  known written rules of golf.
Golf Historical Society of Canada Golf Historical Society of Canada – We know about hickory golf clubs . . . We play with them . .We collect them . . .  We learn about them . . .
NorthBerwick The Origins of Golf at North Berwick
Students of the game in Australia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries will recognise a lot of names on these pages.
Biographical information aplenty.
European Association of Golf Historians and Collectors European Association of Golf Historians and Collectors – or l’Association Europeene des Historiens & Collectionneurs de golf.
HickoryGolf.com HickoryGolf.com – Dedicated to encouraging the enjoyment of playing the great game of Golf  with authentic hickory shafted golf clubs. (U.S.)
The Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS), Australia’s oldest historical organisation founded in Sydney in 1901, exists to encourage the study of and interest in Australian history.
USGA Museum USGA Museum – Explore more than a century of
golf’s classic moments.
GolfBallMuseum UK Lake Balls Golf Museum – dedicated to the
history of the golf ball.
WorldHickoryOpen World Hickory Open Championshipthe 2015 edition of the competition.
WALG World Association of Left Handed Golfers – site run by long-standing AGHS member Peter Read, and dedicated to those who stand on the right side of the ball.
playhickory Play Hickory – Hickory Golf-As It Used To Be. (U.S.)
 HickoryGolfAss  Hickory Golf Association – Maintaining the classic tradition of Hickory Golf. (U.S.)
PHGA Professional Hickory Golfers Association – An Association of Golf Professionals who appreciate the origins of our game. (U.S.)
HickoryGolfHub Hickory Golf HubFounded by hickory golf enthusiast and retired touring pro Richard Bullock, this is the place for place for the latest hickory club news, tournaments and social events (U.S.)